Exclusive Handmade Interior Objects

probably made with the best care you can wish for
sit, stand, tray, build, dine, or just enjoy looking at it 
your choice
just be The1 with it

Important note about colors:

The beautiful colors and refined techniques you see on my website have been captured with utmost care and dedication. Please be aware that colors on screens may vary and may not precisely match reality. We aim to represent the unique beauty of our creations as accurately as possible. For an even more comprehensive experience, we invite you to visit our sales point, where all samples are available.

"Step into a world of enhanced visuals with HDR on my site. Make sure to use a compatible device and browser, like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, for the best results."

Tray Ottone + wax the1 prestige
Cube Dorato Antico The1 Prestige
Cube Bronzo Bianco The1 Prestige