Our carefully selected techniques and color palette are custom-designed for each object. The chosen technique, infused with durability and robustness, embodies the essence of this masterpiece. Every detail is meticulously considered, each nuance a deliberate choice.

It is a symbol of timeless elegance and functional perfection. No two objects are identical. Below, you will find the list of standard color and technique combinations for your object.

Specific preferences and custom-made colors are available upon request. Be inspired by the boundless possibilities of personal expression at The1.be

The beautiful colors and refined techniques you see on our website have been captured with utmost care and dedication. Please be aware that colors on screens may vary and may not precisely match reality. We aim to represent the unique beauty of our creations as accurately as possible. For an even more comprehensive experience, we invite you to visit our sales point, where all samples are available.

The Foundationals Colors

The Bench

Colors Cushions

Suède Leather: Fumo d'Olivastro
Stitch Methode
Cow Skin: Black / White
Stitch Methode

Side Storage