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Crafting Timeless Elegance: The Artistry of The1.be

Step into the world of impeccable craftsmanship at The1.be 
Here, we don’t forge simple objects; we create masterpieces infused with innovative techniques.

In our own workshop, each piece comes to life, crafted from carefully selected materials that are shaped and assembled by hand. The heart of our creations lies in the unique decorative treatments that not only shape the objects but also define their essence.

Every detail, every refinement bears the stamp of our dedicated pursuit of exceptional design. At The1.be, handmade is synonymous with masterful craftsmanship and innovative art, where technique and craft merge in a unique harmony.

Welcome to a world where each piece is not just an object but a refined work of art, lovingly crafted and assembled by our own hands.

The different objects

The Bench
The Coffee Table
The Cube
The Tray

The different skins

The Foundationals

The Foundationals is an exclusive technique, self-developed and applied in a unique way. Some colors require maintenance. In case of doubt, the contact form can be filled out, specifying the object type and object number (found at the bottom of the object). Maintenance depends on usage. For example, The Cube may require less maintenance than The Tray.
The available colors for a specific object can be consulted on this site or at a point of sale. Always use the provided manual and only the additional maintenance products for the objects. Never use kitchen and garden products.
Colors like Grigio Silenzioso, Cremoso, and Fumo d’Olivastro are resistant to certain acidic liquids such as white wine and tonic/schweppes. However, no technique is protected against strong acids like vinegar and lemon.

Treat the objects with care and respect.

The Glamorous

The Glamorous is also a unique, self-developed technique applied in a special way. In this, I have given my creativity complete freedom. These colors/texture are exclusively available for The Cube. No specific maintenance is required for this type of technique.
Always use the objects with the necessary care and respect.

The Prestige

The Prestige is the ultimate choice for finishing The Cube and The Tray. This exclusive finish ensures that the top layer of the objects consists of more than 95% metal. Customers have the option to choose from various metals.

For the structure of the objects, there are also various options available. They can be sprayed smoothly or applied with a spatula, on a textured or smooth surface. Optionally, a patina can also be added for extra character. When it comes to the final finish, there are several choices: natural preservation (untreated), a wax layer, a ceramic coating, or a top protective layer of 2K varnish.

Each choice has its own pros and cons. Untreated, for example, retains its natural appearance and develops a natural patina but is very sensitive to stains. Varnish offers maximum protection but takes away the pure metal feel. Depending on the chosen metal, there may be some change in color due to varnish and ceramic coating. It is important to note that untreated or poorly maintained objects will show fingerprints, glass rings, oils, acids, and the like and may also discolor due to changes in humidity. Some finishes require regular maintenance, while others do not. In case of doubt, the contact form can be filled out, specifying the object type and object number (found at the bottom of the object). 

We always advise treating our objects with respect.

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