My carefully selected techniques and color palette are custom-designed for each object. The chosen technique, infused with durability and robustness, embodies the essence of this masterpiece. Every detail is meticulously considered, each nuance a deliberate choice.

It is a symbol of timeless elegance and functional perfection. No two objects are identical. Below, you will find the list of different color and technique combinations for your object.

Specific preferences and custom-made colors are available upon request. Be inspired by the boundless possibilities of personal expression at

The beautiful colors and refined techniques you see on our website have been captured with utmost care and dedication. Please be aware that colors on screens may vary and may not precisely match reality. I aim to represent the unique beauty of my creations as accurately as possible. For an even more comprehensive experience, I invite you to visit our sales point, where all samples are available.

Frame Models

Option 1
Option 2

Inlay Color | The Prestige

The Prestige collection offers a range of refined finishes for your objects. Each finished with soft metal and with various protection options to choose from, each with its own unique features.

Varnish: The two-component varnish provides the best protection against stains, fingerprints, and scratches. No maintenance required, and the protective layer is visible.

Nanotechnology: This invisible option creates a water-repellent effect, similar to a lotus leaf, delaying stains and the formation of a patina. Ideal for long-term protection against liquids but does not protect against scratches. Recommended to reapply periodically.

Wax: Gives your object a subtle satin sheen and offers short-term protection against stains caused by spills of drinks or food. Also slows down the formation of a patina. Requires regular maintenance to maintain protection.

Polish: Creates a reflective effect on the object, the intensity of which varies depending on the color and structure. For example, Bronzo Bianco in spray form gives a much larger effect than Frizzante in crocodile structure. Protection is comparable to that of wax.

Natural: Allows the object to age naturally, with a patina forming over time due to exposure to humidity and touch. Provides limited protection against stains from spills of drinks and food.

It is important to note that the open time to get stains may vary depending on the type of liquid, such as water or white wine. Acidic foods and drinks should be removed immediately to prevent permanent damage.

Choose the finish that best suits your object and your needs for protection and aesthetics.

Dorato Antico
Ottone (+ Optional Patinato)
Bronzo Bianco
Bronzo Dorato

Inlay Structures | The Prestige

Snow Flake
Checkerboard Pattern
Spray (+ Optional Patinato)

Inlay Color | The Foundationals

In the Foundationals collection for the inlay colors, we present four beautiful finishes. These have been specially crafted for their enhanced scratch resistance compared to other colors available for The Cube.

The four colors, except for Avorio, combine a matte and silky appearance. 

Please note that this technique requires maintenance and is moderately durable against contact with acids. Keep the exposure time as short as possible.

Grigio Silenzioso
Fumo d'Olivastro

Frame Color: The Prestige (only in spray version)

Dorato Antico
Ottone (+ Optional Patinato)
Bronzo Bianco
Bronzo Dorato

Frame Color: The Foundationals

The frame of the Foundationals is sprayed in paint and always finished in a 2K high-gloss varnish.

Bianco Spray
Dorato Spray